Okechamp Group - Challenge the Champignons


In 2008, OKECHAMP S.A. became the strategic investor for F&F Europe B.V. in the Netherlands. On March 15th, 2012, OKECHAMP SA finalised the transaction of taking over the remaining 35% of the shares of F&F Europe BV - the Dutch manufacturer of frozen mushrooms and at the same time owns 100% of the shares in this company. Nowadays, while still remaining autonomous entities, together the companies form OKECHAMP Group - a European mushroom producer whose core values are innovation and quality without compromise.

We are developing organically and in this way we strengthen our position as a reliable mushroom supplier on the European and World markets.

Production Division in Borucino, Poland:

  • the highest quality of compost phase III
  • production of handpicked mushrooms

Processing Division in Grodzisk Wlkp., Poland:

  • the highest quality offer of processed mushrooms and premium vegetables

Frozen Division in Kerkrade, the Netherlands:

  • producer and supplier of the highest quality
    frozen mushrooms